Sunday, April 13, 2008

i live for the estate sales

in the rich part of dallas.

i found some amaaaazing crap today.

for shizzzz.

the woman's house was straight from the eighties.

peach-colored walls, art deco-styled entertainment center...

it was heaven.

on the way home today i (finally) realized how to accurately describe my style.

old lady 80's


cheesy? yeah.

but i love cardigans and frumpy dresses (old lady)

and techno-fabulous colors are pretty orgasmic (80s)...

haha :P

so, about the beee-uuutiful things i got at this estate sale:

1) an absolutely terrible pillbox hat.

2) a minnie mouse-esque hairband with a HUGE bow.

3) a really cute little quilt with cross-stitching.

4) a dark gray belt with silver beads sewn all over it. (its prettier than it sounds, i swear!)

all of that for a whopping 30$!!!


old lady-80s, baby!!


Friday, April 11, 2008

oh how i've missed you

yeah, i know it's been way too long, and i'm terribly sorry about that,
but lets face it. i have better things to do.
haha no i dont.


so, whats happened since my last post:
1) I MADE DANCE OFFICER!!!!! :D (alex- being a dance officer means that you lead the high school drill team. woohoo!)
2) I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!!! woohoo! :P
3) i have a spider bite on my wrist that is mondo swelled up. (ooh. bad grammar. haha)... i had to get a shot in my butt today for it. blehhh.
4) i've come to terms with the fact that every time i quote a movie, no one will get it. unless it's from mean girls. then EVERYONE gets it. guh.
5) i realized my strange fasination with list-making. haha

i went to the mall today and found the kahh-youuuutist sweater-cardigan-shirt thing. i tried to find a picture online but i apparantly suck at life...

(ask a ninja-"why do i suck at life?""because you let life suck at YOU!" hahahaha)


well, i have topcats business to attend to (topcats being the dance team that i am an OFFICERRRR for! haha), so i should probably take care of that.

goodnight :P

Monday, March 24, 2008

she's like heroin

'tis a good song...

heckuva lot going on right now.. im trying out for dance officer with my school (eek!)... that should explain my extreme lack of posts.

hmm not too much to talk about..

i probably won't be on for awhile; i have sooo much to do its not even funny.

(hasn't this been an amazing post? haha)

well, i'll just leave you with a pretty picture of a boy.


mmmmmmm mika...
a very pretty boy indeed.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


well, the stupid barbie blonde is gone (from ANTM, if you live under a rock), and that made me smile.

and guess what else!!??!?!?!?!??!!??!?!??!!??!



the topcats dance team is going to "nationals" down there, so im super pumped! :D :D :D

(by the way, since i dont think ive ever really mentioned it before, im a dancer, so... that should explain some shtuff...)

and yes, im going to be a showoff (its what i do best) and show everyone a picture of my fantabulous leap during my solo... :D

oh you should be, hehehehe.
(yeah, im being obnoxious, but im allowed to be. ???)
ok well goodbye my lovelies, see you in a few days!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


huzza! the new season premiered like 2 seconds ago and im super excited! hopefully this year i'll actually keep up with it and not catch up on the reruns on vh1.. :D

if you didnt catch it, it wasnt too crazy or anything... although there was one girl that had a circumsision (SP?)... ouch.. but it wasnt truly monumental..

anyone already know of someone they want to go home?

(pick me! pick me!)

the stupid blonde barbie!!!

blech. she's just so annoying. and ive only watched one episode. hah.

well, thats all, folks!

Friday, February 15, 2008

howdy do!

heh. i said howdy do to some kid today and he looked at my like a tard. :D

has anyone else noticed sephora's new "beauty as art" dilly?

oh my lordie its soooo purdy!
i actually framed the picture out of teen vogue. the model is goregeous, eh? (and no, i dont care that it's spelled wrong. i had an annoying day at keyboarding and you should be grateful that youre even getting a post. yeah. sucka.)

sephora ad

hopefully that ^^ worked. gahh.

so do ya like it? yeah, i know the model's eyes are sorta uneven, but whatever, dude (oh and for the record: NEVER call a teacher "dude". they'll bite your head off. fo shizzle.). let me know what you think!

in other news, valentines sucks with out a... valentine.
everyone at my school had their obnoxious giant bears and roses and crap, and i had a measly twix bar (which suprisingly made everything better :P). heh.
how was everyone else's v-day? better than mine, i hope! haha.

nahh i shouldn't gripe, i'm just bitter. :D

ooooh!!!! i definitly shouldn't gripe because i just remembered what this post was originally about!!!! for valentines day my mom got me and my friend blake tickets to see CHICAGO!!! ("he ran into my knife! he ran into my knife TEN TIMES!!!") oh my sweet yams i'm so excited! yay!!!

ok im really ADD today cause that ^^ reminded me of something else. blake, the one im taking to see chicago, is my ex boyfriend, but we're good friends now, so thats all good in the hood. now, hes going out with another girl, and she got him an AMAAAZZZZINNNNGGGGG gift for valentines day. it was a customized monopoly game (kind of an inside joke..?) and he was reaaalllyyy excited about it. last year (when we were still going out) i made him a cake and wrote a hecka long card for him. and he didnt appreciate it. he was telling all of my friends that i made him a crappy cake. (now im getting all pissed off just thinking about it!) dude. the freakin cake was amazing! yeah, it might not be a customized monopoly game, but good lord i thought people were supposed to think of the person giving it to you, not the gift!! what kind of ungrateful poopy-head makes fun of his ex-girlfriend now friend's valentine gift.



sorry about all that.

i needed to vent. hah.

ok well we gotta go eat steak and cheese fries (that just makes everything better!!) and i might get a new office chair (it falls over for no reason and shoves you into the window. you dont even KNOW!!! dane cook reference, anyone? anyone?), so i'll post more later. or whatever.


Saturday, January 19, 2008


new playlist-y thing.

:D daft punk makes me smile
and eisley
and whoever else i have on there.

ive had a random sorta day.
me and my faja went to our land... did some stuff... shot some cans... woohoo


well, thats all for now!